Everyone’s an expert
(I should know, I’ve asked)
about our situation
over the time that’s passed.
One said we were perfect
and destined to be wed.
(This was after I told her
about us sharing a bed).
Another said it was hopeless
and headed for despair.
(But he’s got a thing for redheads –
so I don’t think he’s playing fair).
A third said I should snog you
and get it out of the way.
But I never found the right moment
and now you keep me at bay.
The next one said it was my fault
for acting like a fool.
And that’s why you were persisting
in being such a mule.
Others said I should wait now
and let you make up your mind.
But patience is not my strong virtue
and decisions aren’t yours, I find.
So now I’m in a quandary
wondering what I should do.
‘Cause while getting advice from all of my friends
I’ve fallen in love with you.
(Should I tell you how I’m feeling?
Or wait and hide my heart?
I’d better ask somebody …
so back we go to the start).

© S McLean 1996

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