“We found your poetry very inspiring. The direct and honest style of your work is favoured by a large number of our members, and you execute it particularly well, maintaining a high standard for all published pieces. As far as criticisms go, our panel of adjudicators agreed on thing alone – we’d like some more!” – Leonard Low, City Lights and Sketches Poetry Society, Australian National University (Australia) 

“Well, Sally!  I am impressed with your poetry, your rhythm … I think that if I had to pick a fave that I’d have to say that the short poem (I can never remember titles) about the knight and his horse made me laugh with delight. You know … when you’re reading someone’s work and you punctuate the silence with a ‘YES!’ … then you know the poem has arrived, done its work and changed how you will view the world, if only slightly, for the rest of time. I said ‘YES!’ twice.  I haven’t otherwise heard the word in weeks.” Kevin Taylor, Canadian Poet (Canada)

“Words cannot begin to describe the joy … Your poetry is eccentric, yet elliptic. I was very impressed with the quality of thought, flow of emotion, and the style of writing. Your words are fresh and invigorating, bringing the reader images of pain and pleasure in one breath. Stunning.” – Kerry Goncleaves, Editor, Whillow.com (USA)

“I had trouble coming up with an adequate way of describing your work. But in the end, I described it as if “going to a favorite book shop.” I just couldn’t help but think of a great little book shop near my old house, called The Hungry Mind. It’s just a room with walls, book shelves, and books, right? No, it was an experience too that was more than the sum of its parts.” – David E, E Poetry Award (USA)

“I congratulate you on your style, execution and highly varied subject matter. It is rare to exclaim out loud in sympathy when reading poetry, but I found myself doing just that when reading your work on more than one occasion.” – Editor, Noble House London (UK)

“Sally, in a world where many that speak their heart’s feelings with words – reading your poetry was a wonderful delight that spoke volumes of you. Please don’t stop writing, we need your words! Keep up the good work and good luck in all that you do!!” Ron Walker, American Poet (USA)

“Your poetry rests as a feather on my mind. Sister breeze singing songs my mind would choose to forget, though the heart cannot.” Cynthia Proctor, American Poet (USA)